Enrollment Policies
  • We accept children ages 3-5. 
  • Children must be 3 as of August 1st of the enrolling school year.
  • Enrollment priority is given to current and past families of the program until January 31st.  All remaining openings will be on a first come basis. 
  • We accept enrollments at any time, for any school year.

If you want to enroll your child, please complete the enrollment form below and pay the non-refundable payment of $132.50 which is the $65.00 registration fee plus half of September’s tuition.  You may mail the payment or arrange a time to drop it off at the school.  This fee will put your child on the roster if an opening is available. 

If you are applying for a scholarship you owe the $65.00 registration fee, but may turn in your scholarship application instead of the $67.50 for half of September’s tuition until a scholarship determination is made on July 15th